Signs of Hearing Loss in children which possibly require Hearing Aids | Pediatric Audiologist in Pretoria.

Hearing Aids for children at Hearing Hub Audiologists in Pretoria

Your child can live a full life with a hearing impairment.

I specialise in Pediatric Audiology and I would like to share some helpful information with you.

As parents, you should always try to be aware if your child doesn’t respond appropriately to sounds.

This can be because your child may not be paying attention to the sound but you should continually assess the situation if you notice the following signs:

1) If your child doesn’t react to very loud  or high-pitched sounds.

2) If your child doesn’t respond to voices on the phone or switches ears during calls.

3) If your child sits too close to the TV when the TV’s volume is adequate for the other     people watching.

4) If your child watches the faces of people who are speaking to him / her very closely.

5) If your child says: “huh?” or “what?” often.

6) If your child is surprised when his / her name is called out at a slightly loud or even normal level.

7) If your child is not aware of some who is talking to him / her, especially when there are minimal distractions.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or if your child suffers from the above factors.