Your Friendly Audiologist In Pretoria

Liza van Wyk - Your friendly Audiologist in Pretoria

Your Friendly Audiologist In Pretoria

I, Liza Van Wyk would like to offer you friendly and professional assistance with your or your child’s hearing impairment in Pretoria.

I started assisting adults and children with hearing problems in 1985. I have been helping adults and children with hearing problems at Hearing Hub Audiologists for the last 7 years. In 2010 I received a Life Time Achievement Award from Phonak (Hearing Aid Manufacturer).

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Practice Number: 8215022

Registration Number: STA 0011207

Audiologist in Pretoria.

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Hearing Hub Audiologists fits hearing aids for Adults and children. Hearing Hub Audiologists also provide Hearing Impairment Testing & Speech Therapy for children and adults at our Pretoria Facility.

Hearing Hub Audiologists will gladly assist people of all ages, from babies which are a few weeks old to senior citizens.

Hearing Hub Audiologist’s mission is to provide is a personal, professional and caring service; to make the treatment of your or your child’s hearing impairment testing, Hearing Aid fitting and Speech Therapy more enjoyable.

So, contact us today.

Should I Get Hearing Aids?


Hearing and degrees of hearing loss, Hearing Hub Audiologists in Pretoria

How good is your hearing?









Do you think that you may have a problem with hearing? Please contact me for a complimentary initial consultation. I will test your hearing and provide you with the best possible solution to your difficulty hearing.

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss


Tinnitus it is still considered one of the big mysteries of the human ear.

High levels of noise exposure will increase the risk of developing tinnitus. Loud music at a concert is an example of this.

Modern life can cause it – anxiety and stress can also cause tinnitus problems.

Ear noise on its own is not a disease. Ear noise can be a symptom of other health issues of both psychological or physical background.

It is often associated with hearing loss.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation today.


Hearing Aid Feedback

Hearing Aid Feedback

Hearing Aid Feedback

What Is Hearing Aid Feedback?

Feedback is that whistling sound that hearing aids can make.

What Can Cause Hearing Aid Feedback?

1) The hearing aid’s earmould may have gotten too small or the hearing aid may not be fitted in the ear properly.
2) Feedback can happen when you hug your child. This is known as ‘leakage’ of the amplified sound.
3) Feedback can be caused by too much ear wax in the ear canal.
4) Certain objects when placed near too close to the microphone of the hearing aid can also cause feedback.

Please feel free to contact me to setup an appointment, if you are currently experiencing feedback with your hearing aids.

Hearing Aids|Wear One Hearing Aid or a Pair?

Hearing Aids - wear only one or a pair?

Hearing Aids|Should I Wear 1 Hearing Aid or a pair?

We have a pair of ears so that we can hear properly.

The same principle applies to hearing aids.

In the majority of cases it would be best to wear two/a pair of hearing aids.

A single hearing aid can never produce the same results of two hearing aids.

This means that the relevant hearing improvements would not be as good as possible.

Your brain requires signal input from both ears to process information properly.

So your two ears work in unison in the same way your brain works with its two halves.

Please contact me for a consultation.

Features you should check for when buying Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

Features you should check for when buying Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids should have the following features present:

Hearing Aids should include a noise reduction feature

  • This makes listening to people speaking easier in noisy places, including the noise wind makes if you are outdoors.

Hearing Aids should include directional microphones

    • These making listening in noisy places easier.
    • These Hearing Aids do this by using two microphones to assist with separating noisy sounds coming from behind you and the important speech sounds coming from the front.

Hearing Aids should include Feedback cancellation

  • This prevents that dreaded whistling sound from hearing aids in the past.

Hearing Aids should include multiple automatic programmes

  • These allow for an effective transition between different listening environments.

Hearing Aids should include multiple channels

  •  The more channels your hearing aids have the better sound quality you would experience, through allowing you to make small adjustments.
Please Contact Me for more advice and a consultation.


Hearing Aids for Children

Hearing Aids for Children|Behind-The-Ear|In-The-Ear|Pretoria

Hearing Aids - bte (behind-the-ear) in Pretoria

Hearing Aids for Babies & Young Children

Babies and young children will most likely use Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids, which are described above.

These hearing aids can help a wide range of types of hearing losses.

Hearing Aids for Older Children

Hearing Aids-ite (in-the-ear) hearing aids in Pretoria

Older children may be able to use ITE (In-The-Ear Hearing Aids) which are described above.

External receiver BTE hearing aids may also be used for older children due to their more subtle design.

Depending on your child’s hearing loss and age, I will give you the optimal solution to improve your child’s hearing.

These hearing aids can help a wide range of types of hearing losses.