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Hearing | How We Hear | Hearing Hub Audiologists

Hearing is a sense we should not take for granted. By understanding how the  complex sense of hearing occurs, I hope to make you cherish your hearing (if you don’t already). This would also be able to help you identify if you  or your child has any hearing-related conditions (hearing impairments such as hearing loss, tinnitus) which require help.

Because hearing is a complex sense, it is best explained with the aid of a picture of the anatomy of the ear.

Hearing is a complex sense we should care for and cherish.
Hearing is a complex sense which we should all care for and cherish.

The human ear is made up of three parts, namely the Outer Ear, Middle Ear and Inner Ear. Each of these parts play an important role to allow you to hear.

The Outer Ear

This is the part we usually associate with hearing. The Outer Ear is mainly made up of the Auricular Lobule or Earlobe. The Earlobe collects and chanels sound into the Concha or External Ear Canal. The Ear Canal amplifies or boosts the sound waves thereby funneling them toward the Eardrum (Tympanic Membrane).

The Middle Ear

During this part of the hearing process the above mentioned sound waves in turn cause the eardrum to vibrate via the Ear Canal (External Acoustic Meatus). Three small bones (Ossicles), namely the Hammer (Malleus), the Anvil (Incus) and the Stirrup (Stapes)  are also situated in the Middle Ear. These bones alsp vibrate thereby magnifying the eardrum’s vibrations, which in turn are transferred to the Inner Ear.

The Inner Ear

This is the final stage in the hearing process. The Inner Ear is made up of the Cochlea and various nerves which go to the brain. The Cochlea is the sensory organ which is responsible for transmitting tiny electrical charges via the Cochlear nerve to the brain. The Cochlear does this through the stimulation of thousands of sensory hair cells which are contained in fluid filled chambers. Finally the brain interprets these electric charges or pulses as the sense of hearing or the so-called sounds we hear.

If you have any questions or if  think have a hearing impairment, please feel free to contact me.