Conversation Tips for Children with Hearing Loss & with Hearing Aids

Conversation Tips for Children with Hearing Loss & with Hearing Aids

Below are various useful tips to aid your child who has Hearing Loss and/or wears hearing aids, to cope better during conversation. I have used you, the parent in tips below for illustrative purposes.

How to help Children with Hearing Aids or hearing problems communicate

1) Don’t exaggerate or over-articulate the movements of your mouth when speaking to your child, this distorts the visual clues (lip reading) and the sound of your voice.

2) Assist your child to summarize what she or he heard after you spoke. This will help you fill in the blanks of the conversation.

3) Remember and teach your child this simple rule: If my child can’t see me, then my child can’t hear me. It is best to stand in a well-light space when speaking to your child.

4) Remind your child that she/he will be more tired than classmates without hearing loss because she/he must work a lot harder to keep with in class.

5) Teach your child to always watch you when you are speaking.

6) Remind your child to relax and not to get worked up.

7) When speaking to your child, try avoid noisy places.

8) When speaking to your child, stand between 1 and 2 meters away from her/him.

9) Tell your child to make you aware of a word or phrase she/he has missed during your conversation.

10) Teach your child not to interrupt you mid-sentence.

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