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Children with Hearing Loss | FM Systems

Does your child suffer from hearing loss?

If so, your child’s journey to improved hearing starts with the right choice  hearing aids or hearing instruments. I will determine what is best for your child once I have tested her or his hearing.

Unfortunately it fitting the right hearing aids doesn’t mean that her or his hearing will be good in all listening situations, such as noisy environments and if the person speaking is too far away.

The most effective solution to this is a wireless communication system which is known as a FM system. Such a system is designed to pick up speech signals straight from the source and transmit them, without any distortion and clearly, to the user’s ear.

This system consists of a transmitter(s) with a discrete microphone which is worn by the speaker(s) and a very small receiver which can be integrated or attached to your child’s hearing aids.

It is very important that young children hear as well as possible because it supports their development of speech, language and learning.

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